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Registration, networking, breakfast

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PART A: Current trends in Procurement

Tereza Ordóñez, Blue Events

Procurement as a value Creation Engine

Andrea Lazukić, Senior Consultant, Kearney

In the current disrupted business environment, well-oiled Procurement machines should work as growth engines through increasing supplier resilience, sustainability and innovation. More than ever Procurement has to focus on speed, quality, efficiency and people leveraging new techniques and digital/AI tools. Take a closer look at international procurement trends from our global survey, answered by the top CPOs and procurement managers across Europe.

AI in the complex purchase environment

Josef Holý, expert on artificial intelligence and co-author of Cannaries in the Network podcast

The environment of purchase processes has been facing to increasing data complexity. How can artificial intelligence help to find the way in it? And which positions are not replaceable by AI?  An AI expert and co-author of the podcast about digital manipulations, computer propaganda and disinformation, Josef Holý, will share his insights on these topics.

Digitization and change management in procurement

Martina Balounová, Direct Procurement, Novartis

Find out what search for efficiency through digitization entails and what challenges to expect during this process. Relationship with business partners and other stakeholders affected by digitization will be discussed too.

BEC: When you pay for nothing

Martin Haller, CEO, Patron IT

We have already met a number of companies that paid from hundreds of thousands to millions CZK for the services provided, but on the wrong account. Why did this happen? How did someone manage to hack into email? Was it the fault of the supplier or the purchase? How come no one noticed? Who can best prevent it? Find out our practical experience with Business E-mail Compromise (BEC) attacks.

How and why to relieve stress properly

Petr Matoušek, psychologist and sociologist, Institut Origanum

Procurement Managers face a number of potential stress factors every day, whether they are internal from within the company or from suppliers. How can one manage stress in a healthy way? Stress at work also affects other areas of life - personal and family environment. Can work stress be kept outside the family and personal sphere? What are the techniques for safe stress relief? Get the answers from the expert on the topic.

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Coffee / tea break

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PART B: New challenges & purchase archetypes

Tereza Ordóñez, Blue Events

The role of procurement in the process of decarbonization of Czech industry

Pavel Zedníček, CEO, INCIEN

While the discussion about the reduction of emissions in the Czech Republic is primarily focused on energy sector, the role of efficient management of energy-intensive materials (steel, cement, plastics, aluminium, etc.) tends to be neglected. See the results of the INCIEN study, which deals with the potential of the circular economy for the decarbonization of industry and find out how to use it in purchase.

Inclusion and diversity as an opportunity for building purchasing teams

Dominik Prokeš, Procurement Manager, Heineken Česká republika
Lucie Dostálová, Strategic Business Partner EMEA, Eurowag

The labour market is very dynamic and not only millennials, but also generation Z has been entering into the labour process. How do employer expectations differ for different groups of applicants? How to create high-performing teams while respecting different multi-generational and multicultural approach? How does a successful buying team of the future look like?

How to convince a supplier to sell to you

Martina Řezáčová, Procurement Manager, Tierra Verde

To what extent do product and company culture determine the relationship with suppliers? How to build business relationships on the company´s pillars of kind communication? How we averted the threat of production reduction due to a lack of material - an absurd story from an absurd times.

How professional business negotiators negotiate

Viktor Kostický, Professional Negotiator
Karel Otýs, negotiator and purchase consultant

Something that no one has ever dared to do at any conference: a real negotiation of a real case that was chosen from the proposed topics of the conference participants.

Two professional business negotiators, Viktor Kostický at the selling side and Karel Otýs at the purchase side, will negotiate hard as always, but this time directly on stage and then analyse the negotiation together with the participants. A real case, real negotiators, a lot is at stake, as always in buyer-supplier negotiations.

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Business lunch

14:15 - 15:45

Part C: Panel discussion

Patricia Jakešová, retail consultant and lector

Richard Hafič, Procurement Director, ČSOB

Pavel Hořejší, Country Procurement Manager, Wienerberger

Petr Kulovaný, Procurement Director, Kofola Československo

Patrik Paroulek, Head of Supply Chain, AVL Moravia

Dominik Prokeš, Procurement Manager, Heineken Česká republika

Klára Válková, Purchase Manager, BIKE FUN International

15:45 - 17:00